How long is a phd dissertation

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In determining the volume, you need to know that, as a rule, the following are not taken into account:

  • list of sources and literature;
  • materials that are included in the application to work.

There is no such requirement that the work contains a strictly defined number of sheets. Recommendations may be made to comply with the maximum number of pages. But this volume can vary, both upwards and downwards. Official regulations simply do not exist.

Maximum and minimum workload

In order to accurately answer the question of what should be the volume of the thesis, it is necessary to distinguish between the humanitarian and technical subjects immediately.

Applicants for the humanities usually write a thesis of 150 pages. There are limitations in size, which is no more than 210 sheets. Works of a technical orientation are around 110-150 pages.

Regardless of the focus of the subject, there are strict conditions for the design of the work. It must be written in Word, in Times New Roman, in font 14.

If these requirements are precisely met, then approximately 1,900 characters will be placed on the page. Deviations in the number of characters are allowed when using numbered and unnumbered lists, tables, and charts.

According to the established practice, this is the optimal number that allows you to explore and describe the topic of work without tautology fully.

The structure of the dissertation and the volume of its chapters

Now is the time to proceed to the distribution of the volume of the thesis sections. The standard structure of the thesis is as follows:

  • table of contents;
  • introduction;
  • main part;
  • conclusions.

The introduction should consist of about 5-10 sheets. In this part of the work the relevance of the dissertation topic is indicated, the degree of its elaboration and study is described, tasks and goals are set, the rationale of scientific value is described, as well as the value of theoretical and practical components.

The central part is divided into several chapters. It has been proven in practice that their minimum number should be at least four.

The first chapter contains a study of the topic. It also lists the source database used, on which the author’s research is built. The number of sheets is approximately 30.