Uf dissertation checklist

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The defense of an uf thesis is a way to assess the competencies of a graduate master comprehensively. Therefore, the criteria for evaluating an uf thesis are aimed at establishing the level of development of essential competencies. The author of the master’s thesis must demonstrate the following competencies:

  • Knowledge of critical economic and managerial problems in the field of the chosen master’s program and modern scientific means of analyzing and solving them;
  • The ability to summarize the results of research, use statistical materials, best practices of state and corporate management to solve applied problems;
  • Ability to substantiate practical recommendations;
  • The ability to formulate and solve problems arising in the course of research and development and require in-depth professional knowledge, choose the necessary research methods and information technologies, present the results of the work done in the form of reports, abstracts, articles;
  • Skills to perform independent research projects that require extensive education in economics and management;
  • The ability to verbally present the results of the research, the ability to lead a scientific discussion, reasonably and convincingly defend the author’s position.

All criteria aimed at assessing the designated competencies are divided into four groups:

  1. Criteria for assessing the content of an uf thesis allow you to evaluate competencies that demonstrate the ability of a student on the theoretical and applied levels to investigate the problem using various scientific methods. Also, it checks the ability to form and prove the scientific novelty, practical and educational and methodological results of their research.
  2. Criteria for assessing the design of a master’s thesis allow you to evaluate the competencies associated with knowledge of the rules for the design of scientific texts, skills in writing the presentation of the results of scientific and applied research, etc.).
  3. Criteria for assessing the quality of the preparation of the uf thesis allows assessing the competence of the student on self-planning, organization, and conduct of scientific research.
  4. Criteria for assessing the protection of an uf thesis allows you to assess the competence of the scientific discussion, the presentation of the main provisions, and the results of scientific research.