Research paper example

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The tasks of the research work are all successive stages of the student’s theoretical and experimental work from beginning to end, within the framework of writing essay the project’s topic and goal.

To determine the objectives of the research work, you need to consistently answer the question, “What should I do to achieve the goal of the research?” Or “What should I do in order to implement the intended result?”

Tasks are recorded in the Introduction of research work immediately after the goal and can be numbered or listed.

Example of research tasks

Tasks of research work: Measure the weight of school bags in students of grade 1-A.

  • Identify the causes of overweight portfolios.
  • Prove the impact of large portfolios on the health of the student.
  • See the experience of different schools to solve this problem.
  • To conduct a survey among students in grade 1-A of our school.
  • Develop recommendations for reducing the weight of the school bag.

Examples of research tasks

  • Find out the history of the creation and use of plastic bottles
  • Find out the significance of historical monuments related to the life of the city.
  • Find out the historical significance of the people of the city who left their mark on the history of the area.
  • Find out what a magnet and magnetic force are.
  • Find out how people use magnets in life.
  • To study the chemical properties of plastic bottles.
  • To study the activities of the Decembrists, as the first researchers.
  • Learn the history of the native village
  • Learn the history of the creation of animation.
  • Learn the process of creating a cartoon.
  • Study the historical information about salt.
  • To study the composition of ice cream
  • To analyze the incidence of medical cards.
  • To study the problem of the appearance of social orphanhood.
  • Learn ways to eat food
  • To study youth slang as a linguistic phenomenon.
  • Examine school backpack requirements
  • Examine the assortment of school backpacks
  • Examine exercises to maintain and improve vision.
  • Study the biography of my great-grandfather
  • Examine information on inflation and deflation from various sources.
  • Examine the effects of inflation
  • Examine literary and scientific publications.
  • To study the literature on the life of bees
  • To review the conditions of the Center for social assistance to families and children of the city.
  • To study the scientific-methodical and reference literature on the issue of creating programs in the Borland Delphi programming environment.